Il chiacchierino di Isla
(tatting or frivolité)

Tatting, what a passion!


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from grandmother's attic a special lace emerges... it is nearly embroidery: tatting, chiacchierino in Italian, frivolité in French.
In the geometry of its shapes the rational mind relaxes itself, it is kidnapped from the maze of rings and chains. It is just in the mellow rhythm of the picots that the lace acquires personality and lightness, and also a taste of indefinite, of "circular".

What is tatting?

People say"in the mists of times"... in the XVI century, it was known as the "the lace of the poor people", whilst in the XVII and XVIII centuries it was the passion of noble Queens and today, almost unknown, is the technique of a particular lace.

What can you make with tatting?

doilies, finish peaks, packings for dresses, layettes for children, decorations for the house, jewels, creative frames, bookmarks... Almost everything can be created, or embellished and personalized with tatting .

Why tatting today?

it is a very apt job for the requirements of our times, because it requires minimal equipment: a shuttle and some thin thread... it occupies very little space... it can be put away in no time without being afraid that it will unravel, as it is made of knots that cannot be undone easily... It answers our demand for simplicity, as it is woven from a single type of knot... It requires precision, leaving the mind free to fly into the deep (Zen and tatting)...
With tatting, it is possible to give shape to one's own imagination, allowing it to create something tangible that leaves a personal touch in one's environment, in the house, in gifts.
The frantic, virtual life of nowadays is the undisputed reign of the reasoning mind, which monopolizes our time and our existence.
The creative, aesthetic and imaginative mind suffers therefore a painful deprivation and cries loudly for its freedom.
Tatting is instrumental in letting the imaginative mind free to run by keeping your rational mind busy with your hand movements.
At the same time, it also lends body to the affirmations of the "here and now"
Tatting as a hobby is more meaningful than ever before, as it hinges on nimbleness to create space for that existential dimension that has been far too often denied.
It is a real waste to relegate it to a dimension of "feminine work", to consider it an ancillary activity of a long gone time. If you look at it in a modern perspective, it can definitely be considered a mental activity and as such be taught to boys and girls alike, to boost their precision and physical coordination.
But above all, tatting could be relied on by adults, without distinction of sex, as an effective anti-stress therapy.

What you will find in these pages

Works: Some tatting pieces of work, with instructions

Precious shuttles: Hand made, original and precious

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Thanks to: Many special thanks to Meri (America Capparella), who taught me tatting and introduced me to this world of passion, inner calm, discipline, creativity and frivolité that is tatting. I dedicate this page to her, hoping to ignite this fire in someone else. 

Thanks to Carlo for his help in the translation of the site; mistakes are all mine.

Thanks again to Edda Guastalla for her enthusiastic contribution, her experience and her beautiful works ...  now on line on her site

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