Il chiacchierino di Isla
(tatting or frivolité)

Arguments dealt in the page:

Best of the Web about tatting:

I found a lot of this links on Jenny Seymour pages: thanks Jenny for your precious work!
To make a easier search I divided the complete list in 5 categories: Accessories, Works, Lessons, Links, Books.
Each site can belong to one or more categories, based on my personal and  "fallacious" opinion; I'll be happy to modify the list according the suggestions that you will send to me.
Inside Accessories category are listed all sites that offer accessories or supplies for tatting such as shuttles, threads, or other utilities.
In Works  category I listed all sites that have nice tatting projects, with or without their relative pattern. 
Inside Lessons are listed sites where you can find tatting lessons or tips about special tatting techniques.
Inside Links I listed all sites that offer pages full of links to other tatting pages, or sites where you can find a lot of informations about tatting.
In  Books  category I put all sites where is possible to find books or magazines about tatting.
In the following pages you will find the list of all sites of each category, with a "blue dot" in correspondence with the other categories the site belongs to: so more blue dots, more resources are available in the site ...  and now happy surfing!


Suggested books:

  "Pizzo chiacchierino" by Anna Meloni
"Il lavoro Chiacchierino n°10" ed.Mani di Fata: beautiful, very original patterns, coloured trees and flowers
"Il lavoro Chiacchierino n°9" ed.Mani di Fata: not to be missed, new patterns, 
"Il lavoro Chiacchierino n°8" ed.Mani di Fata: beautiful
"Il lavoro Chiacchierino n°7" ed.Mani di Fata: beautiful
"Il lavoro Chiacchierino n°6" ed.Mani di Fata: beautiful

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