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3 Rings Shuttle

A shuttle-jewel is for ever !!!

Arguments dealt in the page:

This rounded shuttle is engraved and fretworked on both sides.
The pattern, 3 rings of degrading dimensions, is of great effect due to the symmetry of the sides.
I made it with a small tip, but very useful in the work, to avoid the need for the crochet hook.
Its weight is relative: after few minutes the hand seems to recognize the pleasantness so much that it becomes unpleasant returning to work with a plastic shuttle.
It's available at the same cost without the tip.

3 Rings Shuttle

It's a silver 925 shuttle completely hand made.
Both sides are rounded, smooth and polished. Both sides are equally hand-fretworked.
It's been silver and rhodium plated  to remain polishes and impeccable in the time and to avoid the work from being soiled with oxide of silver.
Its cost is USD 110 (€ 90 in Europe).

It's possible to show up the rings having them golden plated even in differrent colors (Red gold, pink gold or yellow gold).
Its cost is USD 125 (€ 100 in Europe).

How to order it? Email me!

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