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Satin ILDE Shuttle

A shuttle-jewel is for ever !!!


Arguments dealt in the page:

This shuttle resumes the model of an early 19th century, futurist styled shuttle, white  outside and black inside; a very rare shuttle, that combines line and efficiency in the work.
I have chosen this model just for its effectiveness and handiness.
In this version it introduces one small tip, imperceptible in the line, but very useful in the work, to avoid the necessity of the crochet hook in most of the cases.
Its weight is relative: after few minutes the hand seems to recognize the pleasantness so much that it becomes unpleasant returning to work with a plastic shuttle.

Satin Ilde Shuttle

It's a silver 925 shuttle completely hand made.
The external surfaces are hand-satined, so that the outside contrasts with the inside, perfectly smooth and polished.
It's been silver and rhodium plated  to remain polishes and impeccable in the time and to avoid the work from being soiled with oxide of silver.
The central oval can be smooth or satined.
Its cost is USD 149 (€ 119 in Europe).

It's posible to customize the central oval by painting it in your favourite color (see picture) or engraving your initials or a short name (see top page picture).
Its cost is USD 155 (€ 124 in Europe).

How to order it? Email me!

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